Thomas Pölzlbauer and Birgit Trobolowitsch

A-2842 Thomasberg (Object Cooperative Building Association WET and Austria AG)


Dear Mr.Mag.Wagner,


Thank you very much for your efforts and the approval for implementation

regarding the "living-wem-water revival" in the object Olbersdorf 46, 2842 Thomasberg.


We want to say thanks a lot for thetrouble-free professional and

excellent communication and the personal commitment

by Mrs. Marina Gruber and Mr.Gerhard Kozel .

We have not been enjoyingso many nice people and such an exceptional

service for a long time!

We are alreadylooking forward to the positive changes!


Yours sincerely,

Thomas Pölzlbauer & Birgit Trobolowitsch


May 2011