Water is the primary element of life, a component of our being.
It initially comes out of the depths of the earth as a source and stands for fertility, motherhood, origin of the beginning of a fresh purity.

Water is often highly significant in religion e.g.:
* In Islam in the form of a ritual prayer washing before entering a mosque,

* In Hindu belief in the ritual bathing in the Ganges,
* In Judaism the Mikvah, a ritual bathing where you are completely immersed.

* In Christianity the holy christening



We find it in numerous forms on our planet. Indeed what we so dryly describe as the water cycle remains a miracle of nature in its inexhaustibility.

What we describe as healthy drinking water, unfortunately now only comes from natural sources, which are still free from environmental pollution and full of energy.

All drinking water however, which millions of people have delivered to their houses through high pressure pipes and after technical treatment processes, is so changed in its internal structure and energy, that it hardly resembles spring water any more.


The human body is approx. 70% made up of water. A lack of high quality water therefore leads to serious health problems in humans, as the functions of the body are dependent on healthy, pure water to maintain the equilibrium.


Water is therefore an important component of our cells.


Physicians such as Prof. Dr. Masaru Emoto have been working on the phenomenon of water for decades and have obtained scientific proof that water is an information carrier.

In tens of thousand of experiments Prof. Dr. Emoto found out that water not only stores good and bad information, music and words, but also feelings and awareness.


Water has a memory and therefore carries its fate with it!



The W.E.M. water activator stands out due to the methods and the intended goal of water treatment. The aim is not filtering or restoring it to its original state, rather to re-inform the water. Hereby the water should take on characteristics and vibrations. These can be from materials such as essential oils, symbols, homeopathy or precious stones, but also vibrations of a spiritual and mental nature.

For this purpose the carrier material must lie in the water or be applied directly to the water vessel or pipe.


The W.E.M. water activator has already proven itself in numerous cases of use and brings demonstrable advantages of use.



Water conveys many messages and it seems that we still have lots to learn from it!