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This device has now been developed after many years of fundamental research based on the scientific discoveries of Victor Schauberger and Indian Ayurveda studies. After many alloying attempts, a perfect Nirosta twin-cased pipe is now available as the body.

The Living Water WEM activator consists of a flow tube made ​​of stainless steel, which is surrounded by a chamber. In this chamber are up to 138 different Ayurvedic oils, silver and gold.


By possible physical effects such as a change of the surface tension, adhesion, changes in calcium and magnesium values​​, numerous advantages can result:



  • Limescale damage can be avoided
  • Longer equipment life possible
  • Function without chemical additives or current
  • Particularly in the hospitality industry savings of coffee and wash chemicals are possible
  • Emoto Quality Seal
  • In swimming pools, a reduction of chemical (chlorine) is possible depending on water quality
  • Protecting the environment


Living WEM Water is 6 years maintenance-free and can be reactivated to low cost thereafter. There are no moving parts, so no repair expense is necessary. Our system is typically installed in the main water line. In the hotel industry is also the installation in the supply of individual devices  possible.


Living WEM Water - Film

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