Christian Fuchs

My wife and I have been clients of Living WEM Water for a long time and we are quite content with the devices. The kids love it to shower and to have a bath and it is often rather difficult to get them out of the water. Again and again we are addressed regarding our tap water, because the people in Dusseldorf are not habituated to such a high drinking water quality. In general, our consumption of tap water increased significantly. Whereabouts we formerly tended to open a bottle of mineral water, we now go to the water-tap to fill our glass with water.

We also installed the WEM system in our house and our flat in Manhattan and we are enthusiastic about it. In New York City, the water is prepared with lots of chlorine, which one can smell already, if one only opens the tap. By the installation of the WEM system, the smell disappeared and it even goes so far, that our kids but also our guests usually like to have a mouthful of tap water. 

In Dusseldorf where we are with our two kids, the washing machine of course goes full speed. Hence, I often asked myself how this might go well, due to the efficiency particularly because the machine is more than seven years old. One can clearly trace back the performance to the WEM system.
There is no chalk which might get the machine and the bagging porous. In this regard, the life span of the domestic appliances is extended clearly. In being very confident clients, we would like to compliment Living WEM water cordially on its “14th birthday”.
Eventually, we would like to recommend it to everyone who has not yet tried it, in order to transact such unique investment, getting in exchange a splendid feeling for many years.

It is worth to do it!

Christian & Raluca Fuchs